Our Progression

While Swirbo itself has only been around for a year or 2 at most, the catalysts for it have been brewing for 2 decades. Sparks and I were strangers to each other 10 years ago and now we are basically brothers. There was never an outlined vision for some collective to take place; but as time marched, we began to see our generation had been corrupted like no other. The complex social dynamic consisting of millions of unique individuals migrated online only to be reduced to toxicity and dehumanization. While there have been empowering stories made possible by the magic of the internet, the overall impact seems to be overwhelmingly harmful on account of the disconnect from  reality. The internet can be an amazing tool that offers an infinite pool of wisdom, but it could just as well be an echo chamber for rotten ideas. 

As a result of this electronic decadence, a counter-culture grew within us and many others previously indoctrinated. This soon culminated in turn with COVID and reignited the burning hatred for sedentary brain rot. At the time, there was not any action taken against what we decried but there was a lingering sentiment. It was not until Sparks stumbled upon the available domain of "Swirbo" that we decided for action. As we threw around the catchy word, it dawned upon us that it called for entrepreneurship. For a duration of time we took it numerous directions but nothing ever stuck. Our first real breakthrough for Swirbo did not come until a reunion delayed by months of separation. 

In the midst of a freezing February in Harrisonburg, VA, Sparks and I greeted each other with exuberance as we both had quite transformative phases. Sparks was completing his second year of college and finally achieved an independence that came with an apartment. On the other hand, I was fresh off my first stint in New Mexico making frames and helping out 2 painters. It had been a quite intense time on account of moving out for the first time in my life, let alone going across the country. After talking each others' ear off over drinks and smokes, we decided we needed to make solid progress with Swirbo. Sparks suggested we begin by promoting solid products with which we were familiar as well as influential literature/media. For our start this seemed like a really solid basis; and as the night went on I showed my infatuation for these art shows I had just been exposed to. Eventually, we became determined to display other work while creating our own that centered around threats to individualism. 

On the way to New Mexico

Masterclass Jerryrig


After the long awaited reunion in Harrisonburg, we both counted down the date for the upcoming summer since Sparks was going to make his hajj to the land of enchantment. The time in-between flew before my eyes and before I knew it we were making cubes and playing pool in New Mexico. Those summer weeks felt unburdened by the grim leash of life as we began each day with complete freedom, ambition and beer. During this duration we did not devote much time to development because we both began to reconsider our direction for the movement. All the artistic souls we conversed with in New Mexico influenced us to create a haven for free-thinking, libertarian creators. Countless encounters with extremely talented individuals inspired us to catalyze the conversation between these beautiful minds. This trip further cemented our fundamental faith with authentic human interation and discourse. 

New Mexico for the summer was an eventful, freeing escape. Following our stay, we journeyed up to Park City, Utah and Sun Valley, Idaho to sell some paintings. We were quickly reminded that our expectations can be utterly wrong as we saw Banksy's work as well as the cellmate of the man who grew Alaskan Thunderfuck in the middle of a Mormon haven. These encounters highlight how remarkable people often get overshadowed by the surrounding society. A common culture is inevitable within any group of people; however, it is compromised as soon as it represses the unique pieces that make it whole. Assimilation should not encroach on the essence of an individual; its only role is to allow for peaceful discourse and coexistence between people.