The Mission

At the core basis of SWIRBO, stands a strong sense of respect for each individual and their capabilities. In this day in age, the true potential of countless people is sacrificed in the bureaucratic cogs, whether that be by the "justice" system or the orchestrated divide of the powers in charge. The formation of this collective is rooted in preserving the wholesome and sincere connections that make us human. We believe every individual is capable of beautiful talents and we wish to create a network that cherishes these unique capabilities. 

What can I do?

To stand with SWIRBO, all you have to do is be an individual and let others do the same.  Keep an open mind about all opinions and beliefs; take time to appreciate all forms of art and expression. If you see injustice, make it just. SWIRBO was created to build a network of people who can appreciate the talents and uniqueness of each other, and help when those qualities are being infringed upon.  Reach out; tell us who you are and what brings you to the cause.